Resident Survey Questionnaire - Newtownards Citizen Hub

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Closes 10 Dec 2021

Resident Survey Questionnaire

1. Are you a resident in Ards and North Down Borough?
2. Please insert your age. (Optional)
3. How would you describe your gender? (Optional)
4. Do you access any of the following facilities? (Please select all that apply).
5. How often do you access the selected facilities? (daily, a few times per week, once a week, a few times per month, once a month, less than once a month)
6. How would you rate the quality of the existing facilities that you would access? (1 star = extremely poor, 5 stars = excellent)
7. To what extent would you agree that the selected facilities meet your requirements?
8. Please note any barriers or limitations (if any) that relate to the facilities that you access i.e. the facility is dated, location, not big enough etc.
9. Please note any improvements that you think should be made to the selected facilities that would ensure that they better meet your needs.
10. Please comment below if you have any additional feedback in relation to the potential development or enhancement of citizen / community facilities in Newtownards.