Surveys carried out in ANDBC

Closed 14 Mar 2019

Opened 18 Feb 2019


To help inform the design and delivery of what we do, lots of services across Ards and North Down Borough Council carry out lots of surveys; both internal and external.

A cross-council Survey Working Group has been set up to look at how we could potentially do things better. To improve the efficiency of how we collect data and feedback we need to understand what surveys are carried out, by who and for what purpose. The first part of this exercise is gathering information on the survey each service undertakes.

Before completing the survey (we get the irony asking you to complete a survey on surveys!) please consider all the surveys you have undertaken over the past 24 months. Questions 6 – 19 should be completed separately for each survey.


  • All Areas


  • Anyone from any background


  • Creative Peninsula
  • Employee engagement
  • Customer experience
  • Community Consultation