Staff Survey: Communications and Connections March 2021

Closed 24 Mar 2021

Opened 5 Mar 2021


Many Council employees are continuing to work very differently as we continue through the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are very grateful to everyone for their ongoing commitment to adapt and work flexibly in these circumstances and allowing us to continue to deliver critical services to our local community.

Last September, we asked you a few questions about how you were feeling and how we could improve our communications and connections. Your responses and ideas have helped modify and develop our methods to ensure you feel connected to your teams and the wider organisation.

We would like to get your view on how you have been feeling over the past few months and how well employee engagement, health and wellbeing messages and communications have worked for you.

There are only 10 questions in this survey so it will be very quick to complete. Your feedback and ideas are valuable to us as we continue to work together through this difficult time.

Thank you.


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