Donaghadee Harbour Recreational area

Closed 19 Mar 2021

Opened 5 Mar 2021


Council recently agreed to create a recreational area within the bay of Donaghadee Harbour.  Council feels this is an important safety measure for many swimmers, kayakers and other users of non-motorised craft that frequent the area.

The proposed recreational area will give people a dedicated space to engage in non-motorised recreation. i.e swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding, sailing dinghies etc. These users can still participate in these activities outside of the zone, but naturally there is an increased risk of collision with motorised vessels.

Motorised safety boats for structured activities or events wil be permitted to enter the space.

For safety reasons, swimming remains prohibited in the inner harbour (between Kelly's steps and the lighthouse).  Please respect this by-law for your own safety and to ensure the launching of the lifeboat is unhindered.

The proposed area will be unmanned i.e. no lifeguard will be present. Users will need to respect the water and take appropriate precautions to ensure their safety.

The recreational area will allow for clear passage between the slipway and the inner harbour to facilitate the launching of vessels going to the harbour.

The slipway will remain a shared space and all users should show consideration to one another.  However, the slipways primary purpose remains for the launching and retrieving of vessels and therefore vessels shall have the right of way at all times.

We are keen to ensure that the new area will meet the needs of all user groups. Please help us achieve this by answering the questions on this survey.




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