Taste Ards & North Down Associate Member Data Collection 2022

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Closes 25 Jan 2022


1. What is your name?
2. If you are joining as a business owner or as a representative of an organisation/company please state the full name of the business or organisation (otherwise leave blank).
3. How would you define your business role?
4. If you answered 'none of the above' to question 3 can you please state your profession/area of expertise?
5. Your Contact Address
6. Postcode
7. Telephone Number (this is one that would be available for public use - if you do not have one please leave blank)
8. Telephone/Mobile Number (this is for direct private communications ONLY and will NOT be shared without your permission).
9. Email Address
10. Website Address
11. Social Media Details (Please provide any Instagram/Facebook/Twitter accounts that you control that may be of professional interest to the network)
12. Please briefly describe your professional/business interests relating to local food and drink.
13. Please briefly let us know how you would like to work with Ards and North Down Food & Drink Network. (for example: network building, training support, providing tours or food demos, paid consultancy services or supplying catering services etc)
14. Please tick which TASTE AND activities you would be interested in participating in. (All dates subject to change)
15. Would you like to get involved in our summer & autumn local food showcases and trade shows?
16. Would you like to be a member of the Food Network in 2022? (please note only members can take part in promotions, events and activities).
17. Please tick if you consent to ANDBC sharing your contact details with our main partners:
18. If you wish to provide any paid services to or participate in any TASTE AND activities, tours and experiences can you provide proof of sufficient insurance cover if required to do so? (this may not be relevant to you as professional individual or organisation in which case leave blank).