Taste Ards & North Down Producer Data Collection 2022

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Closes 25 Jan 2022

Business details

1. Name of business
2. Business address
3. Postcode
4. Contact name
5. Telephone number (for public use)
6. Email address (for public use)
7. Website
8. Social media details (eg: facebook / twitter/ Instagram etc)
9. Business story (brief outline of your business, 100 words max)
10. Product range (80 words max)
11. Who do you supply to currently? Please also list where consumers can find your produce both inside and outside Ards & North Down.
12. Do you have an online ordering service, if so do you deliver directly to customers?
13. Please list any other services you provide to the food and drink industry or tourism sector (ie: accommodation, private tours, catering, skills, workshops or training).
14. Please detail any food awards you have received in the 2021 calendar year.
15. Please tick which TASTE activities you would be interested in participating in. (All dates subject to change)
16. Would you be interested in participating in TASTE AND food experiences in 2022?
17. Please tick any of the food shows that you would be interested in participating in.
18. Would you like to be a member of the Food Network in 2022?
19. Do you agree with the terms and conditions applied to the Food Network membership?
20. Please tick if you consent to ANDBC sharing your contact details with the following
21. Please confirm that you have adequate public liability insurance to trade at AND TASTE activities and experiences. Please detail your food hygiene rating score if applicable.