Taste Ards & North Down Producer Data Collection

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Closes 1 Dec 2020

Business details

1. Name of business
2. Business address
3. Postcode
4. Contact name
5. Telephone number (for public use)
6. Email address (for public use)
7. Website
8. Social media details (eg: facebook / twitter/ Instagram etc)
9. Company story (brief outline of the background of the company & company profile 100 words max)
10. Product summary (80 words max)
11. Please detail any food awards you have received since 2018
12. Who do you supply to currently? Please also list where consumers can find your produce both inside and outside Ards & North Down.
13. Do you have an online ordering service, if so do you deliver directly to customers?
14. Please list any markets that you attend.
15. Please list any other services you provide to the food and drink industry or tourism sector (ie: accommodation, private tours, catering, skills, workshops or training).
16. Would you like to participate in the development of food tours in 2021?
17. Would you like to participate in local food showcases and Taste Ards & North Down food promotion in 2021?
18. We are always seeking to expand the membership of the Taste Ards & North Down Food Network. Membership is free to all businesses based in Ards & North Down. Members benefit from workshops, pitches at trade shows and are promoted collectively under the Taste Ards & North Down brand at industry events. If you would like to become a member please confirm below.
19. It is imperative that you provide one clear high resolution image of your logo and at least two high resolution images of your product.Images should be jpegs, preferably 1MB plus. Please tick to confirm that you have supplied these images and emailed them to jill.hunter1@ardsandnorthdown.gov.uk