Taste Ards & North Down Retailer Data Collection 2022

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Closes 25 Jan 2022


1. Name of business
2. Business Address
3. Postcode
4. Contact Name
5. Telephone number (for public use)
6. Email address (for public use)
7. Website Address
8. Social Media Details (Please provide any Facebook/Twitter/Instagram accounts you have)
9. Business outline (brief synopsis of your business - how you would like to be described in any published information - max 60 words)
10. Please provide a list of local producers you are a stockist for at this time (this does not need to be exhaustive)
11. What other services (if any) do you provide? (eg Home delivery, local box, catering etc)
12. Would you like to be part of a shop local guide?
13. Did you win any business awards in 2021?
14. Would you like to participate in any initiatives that would see you stock more local produce? (meet the maker events etc)
15. Please tick which TASTE AND activities you would be interested in participating in. (All dates subject to change)
16. Would you be interested in providing services to TASTE AND food "experiences" in 2022? (for example, picnic boxes at outdoor food experiences)
17. Would you be interested in being a stop at any new TASTE AND food tours in 2022?
18. Would you like to be a member of the Food Network in 2022? (please note only members can take part in promotions, events and activities).
19. Please tick if you consent to ANDBC sharing your contact details with the following
20. Please confirm that you have adequate insurance to participate in any TASTE AND activities, tours and experiences. Please detail your food hygiene rating score.