Tourism Industry Training Requirements Survey 2022

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Closes 30 Sep 2022


Business name?
Contact email address?
What category best describes your business?
Have you participated in any of the following programmes? (select all that apply)
What do you feel are your strengths as a business? (select all that apply)
What assistance could be provided to help develop your business? (select all that apply)
The following courses have been identified for potential inclusion within our forthcoming programme. Please select all you would be interested in attending.
Are you aware of the Council’s Mind Body Business Initiative?
If you would like to register for this year’s programme launching in September 2022 please tick box below. If not, leave blank.
What is the optimal time to invest in a training course to enhance your business? (mark your preference)
What do you feel is the optimal method of learning or training? (select all that apply)
Which day and time would be optimal for you to attend a training session organised by the council or another organisation? (select three preferred days and times)
Where applicable to your business we would appreciate if you would answer the following questions in relation to increased operating costs you are facing at present by way of % increase over the past three months. (Please note this information will be treated in confidence and used for a collective picture of how the industry is being impacted)
Energy Costs -
Labour Costs -
Cost of materials (e.g. equipment/food/packaging/cleaning supplies)